Diet for Muscle Growth Tips

Don’t look past the importance of integrating a balanced diet with your weight training program.

Gaining weight and increasing muscle mass is 75% nutrition and 25% exercise. You can’t build muscle if the raw materials aren’t there for you muscles to grow.

Use these articles to build the foundation of a diet that revitalizes muscles and helps you gain weight.

Best Foods for Muscle Building
It is essential to feed your body with the right calories when weight training. Use this list of lean foods to make the right choice at the grocery store.

Weight Training Diet Plan
Diet is just as important as your workout program when you are trying to build muscle. Use these weight training diet tips to maximize your caloric intake.

Weight Gain Tips for Skinny Guys
Skinny guys need to be focused if they are ever going to build impressive muscle mass. This requires targeted diet strategies like the ones discussed here.

Pre-Workout Nutrition
Fuleing up before you workout is essential for reaching your potential. Sean Nalewanyj explains the steps to getting proper nutrition before your workout.

Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat
Successful weight training includes increasing your caloric intake, but making even a few mistakes in your diet can lead to excess fat. Here are some tips for avoidng those unwanted fat gains.

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