Protein Supplements for Muscle Weight Gain Compared

protein-supplements-muscle-weight-gainProtein supplements aren’t a requirement for skinny guys to gain weight and build muscle, but they sure can help the process.

It can often be challenging to eat the required grams of protein needed for packing on muscle tissue.

Meat is expensive, especially for high quality meats so, protein supplements can be a handy way to get enough protein daily.

General Recommendations

The majority of your protein should come from nutritious, whole food sources and protein supplements should be used as just that, a supplement.

Guys that are constantly sucking on a protein shake and eating protein bars are wasting their money and hurting their bodies. Many protein supplements contain a lot of additives and carbs!

I recommend finding a protein that’s as pure as possible and one that doesn’t taste like a McDonald’s milkshake. Buy pure protein with no added sugar. Then mix this into a fruit smoothie or some yogurt.

Here are they most common protein supplement powders available.

Whey Protein

This is the most common protein supplement and it is made from cow’s milk. Although it’s the cheapest, it’s also one of the dirtier proteins because of the additives it can contain and the environmental impact the dairy industry has on the planet.

Nutrition of a standard sugar free variety:

  • Serving size: 29.4 grams
  • Calories: 120
  • Fat: 1 gram
  • Sugar: 1 gram
  • Protein: 24 grams

Here’s a good whey protein if you want to order it online.
NOW Whey Protein – 10 Lbs. – Natural Vanilla

Hemp Protein

This protein is gaining popularity because of it’s sustainability and purity. Tri-athlete Brandon Brazier swears by this protein as the way he builds muscle as a vegan. It has less protein per gram, but higher concentrated powders can be found.

Nutrition of a sugar-free hemp protein:

  • Serving size: 30 grams
  • Calories: 120
  • Fat: 3 grams ( Omega-3 .8g, Omega-6 2g, Omega-9 .3g)
  • Carbs: 7 grams
  • Sugar: 0 grams
  • Fiber: 6 grams
  • Protein: 15 grams

Here’s a good hemp protein if you want to order it online.
Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein 15g – 3 Lbs. – Unflavored

Soy Protein

This is also a popular choice but mainly among women. There’s some evidence that large quantities of soy protein can be bad for men because of the natural plant estrogens soy contains.

Nutrition of a standard sugar-free soy variety:

  • Serving size: 31.5 grams
  • Fat: 0 grams
  • Carbs: 2 grams
  • Fiber: 0 grams
  • Protein: 25 grams

Here’s a good soy protein if you want to order it online.
NOW Soy Protein Isolate – Non-GMO – 2 Lbs. – Natural Vanilla


There are also other varieties like rice protein and egg protein powders and blends of whey and casein that can be good as well.

Just be sure to find a quality product and make sure the majority of your muscle building and weight gaining diet is from whole food.

Anabolic Cooking by Dave Ruel

When it comes to getting ripped you can follow your trainer’s, or guru’s, advice all day long but if you’re not eating to support that then you are missing out on a big part of it.

Did you know that nutrition is responsible for approximately 75% of your results? Scary when you think that unless you’re following a nutritionist’s guidelines then you probably aren’t getting the right nutrition.

Dave Ruel has come up with the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook to solve that problem.

What Makes It Special

The Anabolic Cooking Cookbook is a different kind of cookbook. It will help you to prepare tasty, healthy meals so that you don’t fall off of your muscle gaining wagon. This book breaks through the 5 misconceptions about cooking and eating for bodybuilding.

You can afford to go to the store, buy healthy foods, and still have money left over. This book shows you how to find exactly what you need. He also lays out an easy to follow guide that will help you to make your own dinners that are tasty and help you build the muscles you dream of. There is no reason to have to cheat on your diet if you have tasty filling foods.

These meals are convenient to fix and won’t take too much of your time. By following the instructions you make your own meals. Prepackaged and takeout meals ultimately cost more money per serving than if you bought the ingredients and made it yourself.

This book will also tell you how to prepare all your meals for the week in less than 3 hours. And there is a wide variety of recipes so you won’t get bored anytime soon.

You will learn how to manage things like shopping for food, meal plans, and even the meals you’ll eat while you’re out and about. The book will guide you through the step by step method of cooking each meal, a virtual class, and tell you what tools you’ll need to do it all. You don’t have to have a lot of money to be able to use the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook.

The Complete Package

This Anabolic Cooking Cookbook includes several items. First off is the cookbook itself. It contains delicious, not bland and boring, recipes. These are completely healthy meals that help enhance muscles and promote fat loss. Each of the two hundred recipes are perfect for you and your entire family. Just because you’re trying to build muscle doesn’t mean that these meals aren’t perfect for the kids.

You’ll also get the Quick Start Nutrition and Cooking Guide. This guide is written in a simple matter so that you can get to cooking quickly. It explains what you need to look for in your food and exactly what’s in it, and how to read the recipe and understand it. It also teaches you how to prepare a week’s worth of meals in less than 3 hours.

The package also contains the Anabolic Cooking Meal Plans for Lean Muscle Mass gains. These include meal plans for a wide variety of caloric intakes. Everybody’s body is different so just because a friend takes a 2500 calorie diet doesn’t mean that you will. Following what fits your lifestyle and you’ll see results.

You will also get the Optimum Fat loss meal plans and the Optimum Maximizer Advanced Calorie Calculator. These tools will help you follow your diet, build muscle and lose the fat. The Fat loss guide will help you eat foods that will help you burn the body fat while the calorie calculator helps you maintain your caloric intake.

Bonuses Galore

As with most of these programs you can enjoy three free bonuses.  The first of which is the Anabolicious Post Workout Shakes guide gives you all the recipies you need to replenish your energy level and help your muscle to begin repair. The second bonus is Dave’s review of supplements, The Ugly Truth About Supplements, which tells why they don’t work. He also reveals the handful that does work. Finally you’ll receive the Anabolic Cooking Training and Food Log which will help you keep a track of everything.

It’s a great way to shake up the dull recipe scene. While it doesn’t come with any work out instructions you can use this in addition to the routine you already have going. Nutrition is key to having the muscles you long for.

Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat

The key to gaining muscle is an intense workout program combined with a drastic increase in calories. But even the skinny guys can have trouble taking in 3000 calories without building up some extra fat. This isn’t always a sign that their workouts are lacking, but instead an indication that their diet needs adjustment.

While the number of calories you consume is important, the source of those calories is crucial. Anyone can reach a high caloric level by eating fast food and junk, but it takes a more focused effort to get there with lean sources of nutrients.  Overlooking this point can lead to excess weight that is difficult to burn off.

Vince Del Monte is one of the masters of building muscle and gaining weight. He is a former fitness champion who transformed himself from wimp to stud through hard work and dedication. In this article he discusses the fine line between gaining muscle mass and getting fat.

Can You Gain Muscle Weight Without Getting Fat?

There are two common fitness goals – to gain muscle mass and to lose body fat. Unfortunately, for the most part, the two goals are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Building muscle mass is going to require you to take in a surplus of calories because, well, let’s face it, you can’t build muscle out of nothing (unless of course you have some chemical help going on).

Losing fat mass on the other hand is going to require you to be in a negative calorie balance because that is what will get your body burning off additional body fat as fuel for its tissues.

Striving to accomplish both goals at the same time is rarely a good approach because more than likely you will just end up spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

Most weight lifters will have to accept some fat gain when they are looking to gain weight, however how much fat gain they need to add is question. It is this variable that we are hoping to influence.

Can you really gain weight without getting fat?

When adding muscle mass there are two approaches you can take.

muscle-mistakesSome take the approach of just eating as much food as they can possible cram into themselves.

Their life suddenly becomes one long 24-hour buffet in their quest for muscle mass as they are under the thinking that the more food that goes in, the more muscle synthesis that will go on.

This thinking is heavily flawed. The body can only assimilate so much muscle tissue at once and after it has done so, any remaining calories are simply going to be stored as body fat.

Plain and simple. You my friend, are no exception to the rule.

For those guys who are out there taking in five thousand or more calories per day, this is obviously going to be way more than they need and will result in a considerable amount of unwanted fat weight over a period of three to six months (how long most people will ‘bulk’ for).

The second option is to adopt a more moderate approach and only eat so many additional calories to support this muscle growth and that’s it. This will allow you to hopefully get as much lean tissue gained as possible without the accumulation of a monstrous rise in body fat.

So that leads us to the next question you’re probably wondering. How much muscle can you build? How many calories over maintenance should you be eating?

You’ve probably already heard of the guy who claims he’s added 20 pounds of muscle in the short timeframe of six weeks.  While this may be a very rare occurrence among an individual who is brand new to weight lifting, has insanely good genetics and utilized an excellent training and nutritional program, the fact of the matter is that most guys are simply not going to be able to come even close to adding this much muscle tissue.

A natural trained individual can hope to achieve about half a pound to one pound of muscle per week – if he’s doing everything correctly. If he doesn’t have the greatest genetics or isn’t feeding himself optimally, this will decrease even further.  So as you can see, at a measly two to four pounds of muscle growth per month, you aren’t going to be needed to eat insanely high calorie intakes.

The higher your intake is, the more you risk putting on additional body fat. As a general rule, keep it to about 250 to 500 calories above maintenance in hopes of putting on mostly muscle without too much body fat.  Keep track of your current body fat levels and appearance and if you see that too much of your weight gain is coming on as fat mass, reduce your calorie intake slightly.

It is always best to go by REAL WORLD results since you are in the real world after all. You can read as much as you like as to how many calories you should be eating, but this does not mean that’s going to be the exact number that will produce results. Different people have different metabolisms that will respond to an increase in calories in various ways. So as you go about your bulk, adjust according to the results you are getting.

Remember that the more patient you are with your muscle gains and the slower you go, the more time you can spend adding muscle mass and the less time you have to spend dieting off the additional fat you gained – which as I’m sure many of you already know, is not a pleasant experience.

So next time you decide you are going to do a ‘bulking’ phase, take a slower approach. Not only are you much more likely to maintain a favourable appearance this way but your mind will thank you as well.  Nothing kills confidence levels faster than seeing all muscle definition go out the window in a matter of weeks, so keep the weight gain under control so you don’t have to deal with this.


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