Solutions for Skinny Guys with Weak Joints

weak-jointsDon’t be embarrassed to wear ankle or knee braces when beginning your muscle gain routine.

Often skinny guys can have weak joints because there isn’t enough muscle tissue around the joint to properly stabilize it under stress.

Lifting heavy weights can, therefore, be a recipe for injury if proper precautions aren’t taken into consideration.

Steps to Prevent Joint Injury

By following these easy steps you can prevent joint injury while your joint stabilizing muscles are getting stronger.

  • Buy and wear quality wrist, knee and ankle braces when beginning weight training for the first time.
  • Have a friend spot you during heavier lifts.
  • Use a squat rack when doing squats or overhead lifts.knee brace
  • Use machines instead of free weights to control side to side movement.
  • Know your limitations, don’t try too heavy lifting too soon.
  • Perform slow, controlled, and steady reps instead of fast, jerky, and uncontrolled ones.

A joint injury can put the brakes on your body building routine and can even require surgery if the injury is severe. Therefore, it’s just not worth the risk.

When Will My Joints Be Strong Enough?

As your muscles develop around the weak joints they will become stronger and more able to stabilize your body during heavy lifting or movement. This takes some time, but soon you can be less restrictive in your workout by removing braces and using more free weight exercises.

Some of the above guidelines should always be followed in order to prevent injury and keep you on the path to building solid muscle. Don’t take chances or risks with the health of your joints.

Young guys often feel invincible and take big risks at the gym or on the sports field. Many live to regret this when they end up with life-long joint problems and injuries.

Protect and strengthen your joints to ensure that you not only develop a great body, but also so it functions like it’s supposed to.


Can Muscle Stimulator Devices Help Skinny Guys Gain Muscle?

electronic-muscle-stimulatorsIf you are a skinny guy you may have seen muscle stimulator training advertised as a way to gain muscle and get big quicker.

While there is some truth to the benefits of these devices, they aren’t going to magically transform you from wimpy to hunky overnight.

Electronic muscle stimulators have to be used along with a solid strength training program in order to be effective.

How Do These Devices Work?

A muscle stimulator unit works by mimicking the way your nervous system tells your muscles to contract during activity. The unit simply delivers a small current of electricity to the muscle via an electrode.

The current is so small that it is not perceived as a shock, but instead just causes the muscle to contract with each pulse of electricity. The device contains several leads and electrodes so groups of muscles can be conditioned at the same time.

What are the Benefits of Using EMS Training?

EMS-deviceThese devices can have the following benefits when used in conjunction with a trusted muscle gain training program.

  • They can help your muscles recover faster.
  • They help relieve soreness by helping to pump out lactic acid from the muscles
  • They can fine tune muscles that aren’t being worked enough during your body building routine.
  • They can reduce potential injury when used to warm up muscles prior to heavy lifting.
  • EMS training can produce faster gains when used with traditional body building.

Finding the Right Unit

There are many different types of these units on the market and they range in price from $100-$600. The more expensive ones are generally more advanced and will do the job the best.

Cheaper units either don’t come in direct enough contact with the muscle or don’t provide a sufficient enough pulse to produce any benefit.  Do your research and find one that has the features you need along with a great track record of working.

Overall, electronic muscle stimulators can be a good supplement to your muscle building routine, but are not a replacement for hard work at the gym.